Somaya al-Khashab: “There are men who think that the six are the maidservants that Mama brought him to.”


Singer Somaya El Khashab was a guest of the duplexes program “Abla Fahita” live on . channel ONOn Friday, the doll “Caro” received her, saying: “Welcome, Sumaya.” So Sumaya al-Khashab replied: “Tant in your eyes, I am coming and I am all evil if it is you or your mother.”

Sumaya al-Khashab said during the episode about her opinion of marriage: “There are men who think that the six maidservants who Mama have brought him to.” She also commented about her cooperation with festival singers, and singled out Hamu Beka, who said: “Hamo Beca is delicious and his blood is light.”

The most prominent statements of Sumaya al-Khashab came during the episode:

I went to the Ma’zoun five times, hanging a picture of Muhammad Munir and Mayada al-Hanawi in my room.

I took courses in human development and English in the days of Corona.

I learned from Muhammad Ramadan that I don’t know.

The French language teacher advised me: If you like something, buy it immediately, don’t miss the opportunity.

The most important thing I like to cook is pasta with bechamel.

Corona made me refresh electronically.

Many people have imagined oranges, but my picture turned the world around.

The new season of the “Abla Fahita Live from Duplex” program began last Friday, with the hosting of the star Samira Saeed, who presented during the episode a number of her famous songs, as well as a review of her various talents and artistic memories, and she answered Fahita’s questions about her personal life and her relationship with her family and colleagues in the middle. Technical.


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