“Sorry and welcome” .. Ethiopia comments on the statement of the Security Council on the file of the dam


10:33 PM

Thursday 16 September 2021


The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on the Security Council’s statement on the Renaissance Dam file, as “it is unfortunate that the Council declared itself in the issue of water rights and development outside its jurisdiction,” as it described it.

In his weekly briefing, today, Thursday, Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Dina Mufti, stated that “the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press statement regarding the statement of the President of the UN Security Council on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. According to the statement, Ethiopia welcomes the members of the Council to direct the matter to the tripartite negotiations led by him. the African Union”.

He added, “It is unfortunate that the Council announced itself on the issue of water rights and development, which is outside its competence.”

He continued, “Tunisias historic misstep in presenting the council’s resolution undermines its grave responsibility as an alternate member of the UN Security Council for an African seat.”

In a related context, Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Demke Mokkinen Hassan held talks with his Congolese counterpart Christoph Lutendola, and the discussions between the two sides focused on the continuation of the tripartite negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which was held under the leadership of the African Union.

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister expressed his “appreciation for the positive role played by the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the tripartite negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.”

He stressed, “Ethiopias determination to continue the tripartite talks at any time, and that Ethiopia has a strong desire for the fair and reasonable use of water,” noting that “the Nile Basin should be a source of cooperation and not conflict.”

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the presidential statement issued today by the UN Security Council, which comes within the framework of its responsibilities to maintain international peace and security, and which encouraged Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to resume negotiations on the Renaissance Dam within the framework of the negotiating track led by the President of the African Union, with the aim of Quickly finish drafting the text of a binding legal agreement on filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, within a reasonable time frame.

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