Source: Al-Ahly renews confidence in Mahrous


A source in Al-Ahly confirmed that the handball league championship is still long and there is full support for the technical staff led by Tariq Mahrous, who is building a team for the future.

The source, who refused to reveal his identity, said in exclusive statements to Laila Koura that there was no negotiation with Assem Hammad to take over the technical leadership of the hand team and Tariq Mahrous in his position.

He added, “Only three matches have passed from the competition, and each team plays 17 matches in the first round of the league, then the owners of the first six places play a two-round league, and then the first four places play a two-round league to determine the champion of the competition.”

He explained, “The team played the Zamalek match without Mohsen Ramadan, and he does not have a player on the left side, after the latter was injured in the African Cup for Clubs Champions Cup, which was held in Morocco, and won its title, the Red Genie.”

He continued: “Some talk about the necessity of hiring a foreign technical director for the hand team, but Tarek Mahrous bears tremendous pressure as he builds a team for the club’s future.

He concluded, “What is happening now is building a team for the future, and those who are currently attacking must know that they themselves pressured the club’s management earlier to dismiss Assem Hammad.”


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