Sources: Thieves find an important cemetery in Saqqara..and “Antiquities” continue


06:30 PM

Friday 24 September 2021


Masrawy learned from reliable sources in the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities that an important archaeological discovery will be announced during the coming period, in the archaeological area of ​​Saqqara. Saqqara archaeological site.

The sources said: “The discovered cemetery belongs to a person named Meri I, who is likely to be one of the priests. It is a colorful and distinctive cemetery, and has some titles, including an unengraved coffin.”

The sources added: “The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities discovered this cemetery by chance, about two weeks ago, as the thieves fled, after attempts to seize them at night, and they dug a large part in order to reach the cemetery, but they were not completely finished with it, and when a committee formed by the Council inspected The Supreme Council of Antiquities this morning decided to complete the excavation to reach this cemetery, which will be announced soon,” noting that the Egyptian mission of the Supreme Council of Antiquities is completing work to finish this archaeological discovery and study what resulted in a scientific way.

An archaeological source called for the necessity of securing the Saqqara area by constructing a wall around the area, especially that the mountain is open behind the archaeological area, which has vast desert areas, and an important archaeological area that caught the attention of the whole world with important archaeological discoveries during the past years.

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