Suicide is an inevitable consequence of the inability of the mind to control feelings and instincts


Dr. Rasha Al-Jundi, a mental health doctor, said that the human mind naturally refines instincts and feelings.

Suicide is an untreated mental illness

Rasha Al-Jundi confirmed, during a telephone interview on the “Happening in Egypt” program with the journalist Sherif Amer, broadcast on the “MBC Egypt” satellite channel, that suicide is often the result of the absence of the mind and its cessation of its role in controlling feelings, whether with regard to happy or sad situations, so In most cases, we find that the problems of the suicide are not superior to the ordinary societal problems, but the suicide suffers from a defect in the systems that control the mind and emotions.

In her speech, she added that there are a set of symptoms that appear on the person, which must be quickly intervened by a psychiatrist, and these symptoms are frequent nightmares, severe insomnia and lack of sleep, lack of desire to eat, excessive love or hate, so we can say that suicide A kind of mental illness that should have been treated from the start.


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