Suicide pigeons..Does it succeed in stopping the danger of “drones”?


وتمثل Drones unmanned orthe drone“A growing source of concern among security officials around the world, due to the growing capabilities of their capabilities, and the ease of their acquisition and directing them to strike civilian targets by terrorists.

A report by the British newspaper “Daily Star” indicated that an American company is studying the possibility of training pigeons to attack drones, which carry explosives or weapons, to defuse them by colliding with them, and to sacrifice themselves by detonating them.

The newspaper did not reveal other details related to the name of the company, and the nature of the experiments it is conducting, but indicated that the workers achieved different results, which confirms the need for more tests to find out how to direct the behavior of the bird.

The danger of drones is that they are difficult to detect before Radars Conventional aircraft, especially modern drones that have stealth capabilities.

Militarily, several systems are used to counter drones, such as air defense systems.patriotOr “S-400”, or others, but using this method is very expensive, as the cost of a Patriot missile reaches one million dollars, compared to a plane that sometimes costs no more than 500 dollars.

These drones can also be shot down using missiles launched from warplanes and combat aircraft, but this method is sometimes ineffective, and it is also expensive.

For these reasons, countries around the world are working to develop defense systems to counter drones.

The United States has put a new anti-drone device on its military vehicles, which is equipped with radar and cameras to monitor this type of aircraft.

If an enemy aircraft is detected, the device sends radio frequencies to jam and shoot it down.

There is also a growing interest in a mobile and mobile system, such as “Skywall”, as this device monitors aircraft and launches a network on them to disrupt their movement.

This system can be used to protect civilian and military facilities, as well as to secure large public events, and to protect VIPs.

Earlier this year, the British Ministry of Defense announced experiments being conducted by the Army and the Royal Navy, on Laser weapon He can shoot down drones.

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