Syed Abdul Hafeez: He will enter Paradise because of Tariq Yahya.. Al-Ghandour is imagining that he is my idol


Sayed Abdel Hafeez said: “Khaled Al-Ghandour, the former Zamalek player, imagines that he is my idol, and he always talks about me and criticizes me.”

Abdel Hafeez added: “The opposing team does not understand Al-Ahly’s slogan above all, and when I do a search for my name, I find Ghandour’s criticism of me, even though I do not follow the Zamalek channel.”

Abdel Hafeez confirmed: “With regard to Tariq Yahya, I will enter Paradise because of him. He was repeatedly enslaved in his presence, although I prevented Al-Ahly fans from attacking him during Jose’s era.”

Abdel Hafeez revealed that the postponement of Al-Ahly matches should not have been approved, because this was a football suicide, as we have not seen before that the match team plays every 48 hours, even in foreign leagues.


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