Symptoms of AstraZeneca vaccine, the first dose .. The Ministry of Health answers


I got Ministry of Health and Population To several questions from citizens regarding the symptoms of the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine, the ministry responded and reassured all citizens that all vaccines Corona VirusVaccines are safe and effective, and there is no need for fear or stress.

The Ministry of Health also appealed to all citizens, to quickly reserve Corona vaccines, in order to contribute to limiting the spread of infection and controlling the virus, and to help the state complete its plan to vaccinate 40% of citizens by the end of this year.

Symptoms of AstraZeneca Vaccine First Dose:

The Ministry revealed the symptoms of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the first dose, and said that all the side effects of the Corona vaccines are one, which is high temperature, redness and itching at the vaccination site, with muscle cracking, numbness or feeling tired, fatigue and sleep.

These symptoms disappear within two days, and you do not need to go to a doctor, and the ministry confirmed that it is currently working to expand to increase the reception centers Corona vaccine At the level of the governorates of the Republic, the number of centers will reach 850.

It is part of the ministry’s plan to expand vaccination centers and vaccinate the largest number of citizens, while the ministry asked all citizens upon receiving Corona vaccineThe necessity of adhering to precautionary measures, such as wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, and staying away from crowded areas.

Since the vaccine does not prevent infection with the virus, but rather relieves the severity of symptoms and makes them simple and moderate, instead of being very dangerous, the ministry revealed that the peak of the spread of the fourth wave of the Corona virus will be within three weeks from now.


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