Taliban: Afghan women volleyball team players talk about threats under the movement’s rule


  • George Wright
  • BBC News

Zahra Fayadi

picture released, Zahra Fayazi

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Zahra Fayyadi arrived in the UK a month ago as a displaced person from Afghanistan

Two players from the Afghan national volleyball team said that their female teammates are fleeing from one place to another in Afghanistan, after the killing of a female player from the team last month.

The two players added to the BBC, that about 30 players hope to escape from Afghanistan, fearing for their lives.

Female players on the team resorted to clandestinely moving between Afghan provinces to escape the pursuit of the Taliban, who reclaimed power in Afghanistan last month.

Zahra Fayadi arrived in the UK about a month ago from Afghanistan. Zahra played on the Afghan women’s volleyball team for seven years before becoming a coach.


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