Tardelli: There is no Egyptian player like Salah


Marco Tardelli, the former coach of the Egyptian national team, stated that the Egyptian Football Association needs officials with a different mentality, explaining that no Egyptian player has the mentality of Mohamed Salah and his determination to work and succeed.

Tardelli said in his statements to the Al-Ahly satellite channel: “When I was coach of the Egyptian national team, things were different from the current situation. Egyptian mentality.

He continued, “I do not want to say the mentality of the Egyptian people so that things do not escalate, but I mean the Egyptian officials in the Football Association. I did not get the full opportunity to adapt to the atmosphere, and they had many interventions, as well as interventions from the assistant apparatus.”

He added: “I respect the Egyptian people and Egyptian football above all, and there are many legends of Egyptian football who played in Europe, but the mentality of the football responsible for Egyptian football must be changed, the coach must get the full opportunity.”

He continued: “I worked in Egypt, and for me the strong player is Mohamed Salah and there is no one else, and his desire to succeed, the Egyptian player’s playing must be a desire to succeed and reach Europe and the world and work constantly to be a distinguished player.”

Tardelli coached the Egyptian national team in 2004 and led some of the World Cup qualifiers, before he was sacked for poor results, and Hassan Shehata took over the Pharaohs after him.


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