Tariq Yahya: Al-Jabaliya burns a strange card with the fire of Al-Badri and Kiroush, unjustly against 6 players


Tariq Yahya, a star for former Zamalek, believes that the committee in charge of managing the Football Association put Shawki Gharib in a confrontational situation with the masses, such as Hossam El-Badry, after he was appointed coach of the Olympic team again. : Why do you reappoint Shawky Gharib and there are many names such as Hossam Hassan, Talaat Youssef and others working in the field, so why do you always provoke the ire of the masses, there must be a change in thought and ambition and a renewal in motives, you appointed the previous technical staff, so what new will be added to the team.

He added: Insisting on specific names is not in the interest of Egyptian football. The coach of the national team takes a ready player, and this contradicts Shawky Gharib’s statement that he will create a generation, unlike the club coach who makes the player.

He continued: Shawky is strange and his apparatus is certainly rewarding, but your insistence on not changing raises the suspicion that there is something incomprehensible, for example, Hossam El-Badry was not defeated, but the fans attacked him because of the performance and he was dismissed while he was the leader. Clubs and the Football Association.

Regarding the oppressed of not joining the list of the first team, Yahya said: Muhammad Hani or Ahmed Fathi should have included either of them in the team, because Akram Tawfik plays in the middle of the field and Ahmed Tawfik was brilliant with Vieira and was in the center of the focus, you have two backs ready and with them Hazem Imam, as well as Muhammad Abdul Ghani deserved to join, Obama has been wronged since Badri’s term, and Salah Mohsen should have been included.


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