The accused of causing the death of a girl and injuring another was presented to mental health


The investigation authorities decided GizaA housewife suffering from a psychological crisis was presented to a hospital Psychiatric illness Nervousness to sign a medical examination on her and write an adequate report about her condition, after she caused the death of one of her sons and the injury of the other poisoned; After she gave them her husband’s medicines, they thought they were medicines.

Investigations by the detectives of the Giza Security Directorate revealed the details of the death of a child as a result of taking medical tablets in the Omrania area, and the injury of his brother to a poisoning case, as it was found that their mother suffers from Psychological crisisShe is married to an old man, and she bore him two twin children, and while the husband was abroad, the mother of the two children gave them a number of her husband’s medical tablets to take, believing that they were vitamins, so the two children were poisoned, and they were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The investigations of the detectives added that one of the two children died while his brother was still in the hospital receiving treatment in a critical condition, so the accused mother was arrested and her husband submitted health certificates indicating the psychological crisis she suffers from, and the necessary legal measures were taken against the accused, a report was drawn up on the incident and the prosecution took over The investigation made its advanced decision.

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