The application in October .. an important alert from the catering regarding the exchange of tide bread


12:45 PM

Saturday 04 September 2021

Books – Muhammad Sami:

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade has begun broadcasting awareness messages to citizens through the exchange of bread and ration decisions, that bread will be disbursed starting from October 1, from the governorate from which the card was issued only.

The Bakeries and Mills Control Sector issued recommendations, during its last session, in the presence of directors of the supply directorates in Cairo and Qalyubia, officials of the Supply Directorate in Giza and officials of the “Smart” company.

The meeting ended, according to a publication obtained by Masrawy, with 3 important recommendations; The first is to consider the three governorates of Greater Cairo (Cairo – Giza – Qalyubia) as separate governorates, and each governorate is considered an independent geographical scope. Where the governorate cards are issued from the machines of the same governorate as of October 1, 2021, provided that the Ministry of Military Production, in coordination with the “Smart” company, send a message to every citizen regarding the exchange of bread in the governorates of Greater Cairo, and educate citizens about the new procedures for exchange.

Citizens in the three governorates used to spend bread as a “single regional area” as a single governorate, and a citizen who held Cairo residency could exchange from Giza or Qalyubia governorates and vice versa.

The committee had previously met and sent a memorandum to the Office of the Minister of Supply No. 15621 for the year 2021 regarding the passage of some municipal bakeries in the Qanater al-Khairiya area in Qalyubia Governorate.

The memorandum included the approval of the notification of the smart card application company “Smart”, given that each of the governorates of Greater Cairo represents an independent geographical scope; Where the governorate cards are issued from the machines of the same governorate only, except for the adjacent areas between the three governorates; It is, for example, Al-Khasss and Al-Marj. All cards are allowed to be exchanged from adjacent areas, and the Minister has approved that note.


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