The cancellation of Osama Nabih’s session and the management of Zamalek .. and his joining the camp within hours


Osama Nabih, the general coach of the Zamalek team, is close to returning to his position after his resignation two days ago, after mediators intervened between him and the management of Zamalek club headed by Hussein Labib, and removed the obstacles that led to the general coach submitting his resignation.

A session was supposed to be held between Osama Nabih and the Zamalek administration today to bring the views closer and resolve the crises that were an obstacle to the continuation of the general coach, but the session was canceled after Nabih communicated with the club’s management through some mediators in the past hours, and Nabih presented solutions to solve the crisis and expressed management The club initially approved it.

It is expected that Osama Nabih will join the team camp, which is currently located in Burj Al Arab in Alexandria, and it is expected that Nabih will join the camp this evening or tomorrow at the latest.

The coach of the first football team left Zamalek Club, heading to Alexandria to set up a closed preparation camp until the 27th of this month, as part of preparations for the new season and the resumption of the Egypt Cup competitions, without the position of Osama Nabih’s return, the general coach of the associate body, being resolved..

And the French coach, Patrice Carteron, went to the Alexandria camp, without the presence of a general coach or coach in his assistant apparatus, after Osama Nabih and Ahmed Abdel Maksoud resigned from their position..

Carteron asked the administrative body to work on coordinating some friendly confrontations during the preparation camp in order to qualify the players physically and technically before the start of the official confrontations..

The coach escorted all the players on the team’s list to the camp, in addition to the group of juniors who were promoted to the team in the last period.


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