The European Commission proposes to sell all phones without chargers.. know the details


In a new press statement, the European Commission announced a legislative proposal to standardize phone chargers for all user devices. According to the Indian GSM website, the Commission plans to make the type of fast chargers standardized and suggested that companies sell electronic devices without chargers in their boxes.

The report indicated that this proposal applies to smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and handheld video game devices, and the European Commission submitted four formal proposals, and the proposals included the arrival of phones with USB-C charging ports.

Suggestions also include adaptive fast charging technology to help prevent different products from unduly limiting charging speed, and to help ensure that charging speed is the same when using any compatible charger to charge a device.

The third suggestion was to remove chargers from electronic device boxes, ie selling devices without chargers. The Commission said that users already have three chargers on average and will only use two of them.

The last suggestion is to provide improved information to users. This means that OEMs will need to provide information on charging speeds and whether the device supports fast charging.

The European Commission said European consumers spend €2.4 billion annually on chargers alone, not including devices, and there is an estimated 11,000 tons of electronic waste formed from chargers that are discarded/not used each year.

The Commission hopes that the proposed legislation will save consumers 250 million euros annually on purchases of non-essential chargers.


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