“The fire of Mervat Amin’s property and the scenes of the “Death Clinic” raid in October…


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The Egyptian street witnessed many incidents during the past hours, and the corridors of the courts witnessed, today, Monday, the consideration of some cases that occupy public opinion.

“Masrawy” presents the following, a brief bulletin on the most prominent of these issues:

Similar to the Badrashin tragedy.. “Kabshah digger” ends the life of a child in Abu Nomros

Only days passed after an unfortunate accident in which a housewife and her child were run over by a digger in the Badrasheen Center until the matter was repeated, but this time the victim was a child.

“I was sleeping” .. Behind the scenes of the death of an employee in the Mervat Amin property fire

The inspection of the security services in Giza, under the supervision of Major General Ragab Abdel Aal, revealed the circumstances of the death of an employee as a result of a fire that broke out in an advertising company in the Mohandessin area, today, Monday.

45 minutes in hell.. the championship of 40 firefighters under the flames of the Mohandessin estate

The time-setting indicators were pointing to ten in the morning on Monday, calmness applied to the headquarters of the General Administration of Civil Protection in Giza, located in the Bain al-Sarayat area. It was only the calm before the storm.

Administrative Judiciary: Manually re-correcting the answers of 10 high school students in Fayoum

The Administrative Court in Fayoum issued an important ruling for high school students, as the first and fastest judicial ruling in cases of re-correcting high school papers, as it decided to accept the urgent part request for re-correcting the answer papers of some students – 10 students who filed the appeal-, and the formation of a tripartite committee of experts to re-correct Manually correcting the students answer sheets, and setting the next October 27 session for receiving the report.

After beating and handcuffing 80 inmates, the scenes of the “Death Sanitarium” raid in October

In coordination with the Public Security Sector, a Giza detective agency raided a villa used as an addiction treatment center without a license in October.

November 17.. Muhammad Ramadan appealed against a ruling that obligated him to pay 6 million pounds to the late pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr

Lawyer Ahmed El-Gendy, the artist’s defense, Mohamed Ramadan, said that the Court of Cassation has set the next November 17 session, to consider the appeal submitted by him to the ruling against his client obligating him to pay compensation of 6 million pounds to the late pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, against the background of causing a crisis that led to his suspension. On the job in 2019.

Adjournment of the judgment in the “Lady of the Court” case to September 13th session

The Heliopolis Misdemeanors Court, headed by Counselor Ahmed Zein, decided to extend the ruling on the appeal submitted by the Nozha Prosecution to the first-degree verdict that acquitted Counselor Noha Al-Imam in the case known in the media as “The Court Lady”, on charges of assault and damage against an officer in the Heliopolis Court. for the September 13th session.

Life imprisonment and aggravation for 4 defendants and the acquittal of another in the case of the “Coast Explosives Cell”

Today, Monday, the Second Criminal Circuit, held in the Tora Courts complex, sentenced 3 defendants to life imprisonment, acquitted one, and another five-year hard labor in the case of the “Coast Explosives Cell” case.

Similar to “The Mahalla Child” .. the Ministry of Interior succeeded in arresting a gang that kidnapped a child in Assiut

The security services of the Assiut Security Directorate revealed the circumstances of what was reported to the Coast Selim Police Station, from (a carpenter – residing in the village of Al-Shamiya in the center’s district) that while his son (6 years old) was playing in front of his house in the same area, he was surprised by two unknown persons wearing masks and riding a black motorcycle. He did not specify her number.” His son was kidnapped and fled.

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