The first comment and request from the Libyan Presidential Council after withdrawing confidence from Hako


05:40 PM

Thursday 23 September 2021


Today, Thursday, the Libyan Presidential Council, headed by Muhammad al-Manfi, called on the national unity government headed by Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba to continue performing its work, calling at the same time the legislative authority to complete the necessary legislation to hold the elections.

The Libyan Presidential Council said in a statement, “The Presidential Council calls on the legislative authority to assume its national and legal responsibilities to complete the legislation required to complete the electoral process.”

The statement added, “It also calls on the government to continue its work, provide the basic needs of citizens, support the electoral process, and commit to taking the required measures to enable state institutions to carry out their tasks.”

The Presidential Council indicated that it is closely following the repercussions of the decision of the Libyan House of Representatives, which included the withdrawal of confidence from the Dabaiba government, calling on all parties not to take any steps that would increase popular tension, and to work for calm to hold elections in a positive atmosphere.

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