The first picture of Yasmine Abdel Aziz after her discharge from the hospital


The pioneers of social networking sites shared a picture of the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, a picture of her smiling and looking pale after leaving the hospital where she was treated in Switzerland.

The artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, is accompanied by her husband, the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, and two other people.

The audience interacted with the picture and expressed great joy for the similarity of the artist, who suffered a health crisis that almost killed her.

And Abdelaziz thanked her fans in her first message after her recovery, in which she thanked them for their stance and support for her, where she said: “My dear audience in Egypt and the Arab world, I miss you very much, thank God, I stayed well and recovered. He was the one who made it easy for me all the moments, the time I came back to me.”

And she continued, “It is enough for me to tell you that I am real. I saw death and it was very close. But thanks to God, thanks to your beautiful and pure prayers, and thanks to your standing beside me with your heart, love and good intentions.

And she added, “A little word of thanks to you and to your love. I love you very much and it is true that I am unable to return you all the love and all the support I have received from you … I thank our Lord first and thank my dear audience in Egypt and the Arab world.”

And the Egyptian media reported details about the doctor who treated the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, before her health deteriorated.

She said that an internal investigation is currently underway in the hospital where the operation was performed to find out whether there was a medical error that occurred during the operation or not.

She stressed: The surgeon who performed the operation is known for his efficiency, but the matter is subject to monitoring and review, in order to ensure everything, explaining that the majority of the professors of doctors are not hospital workers, but are classified as visiting doctors who deal with the hospital, while The role of the hospital is to provide medical care only.

She also confirmed that this is the approach of all private hospitals, explaining that there are committees in all hospitals that check the efficiency of these professors for accreditation in the schedule of professors dealing in the hospital and to dispense with the incompetent.

The artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, the husband of the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, vowed, in a post on his page on the social networking site “Facebook”, who caused the deterioration of his wife’s health condition by calculating the law, using the expressions of “leaking, neglect, inaction and inaction” to describe what happened in the process.

And the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, traveled to Switzerland, where she underwent a caesarean section 10 years ago, to complete her treatment journey.

A medical source, with knowledge of the health condition of the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, revealed the reason for her travel to complete her treatment in Switzerland, explaining that she had previously performed a caesarean section 10 years ago.

She added that the operation of Yasmine Abdel Aziz in Egypt was accurate and difficult to remove a large blood pool on the ovary, which required surgical intervention instead of an endoscope, given the medical history of Yasmine Abdel Aziz.

The source confirmed that she suffered from some complications during the operation, which led to a swelling in the colon that resulted in perforation and leakage of its contents, which was followed by peritonitis.

The source explained that the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, had stabilized in the hospital before traveling abroad, but that she needed to undergo a new surgery, which he called “rotational surgery”, to return the intestines to their normal course.



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