The Football Association: FIFA did not notify us of the decision to stop the registration of Zamalek because of Hossam Ashraf


Officials of the Football Association revealed that the International Football Association “FIFA” did not send any letters to Jabalia regarding the punishment of Zamalek Club by suspending the registration of its players due to the problem of signing Hossam Ashraf for two clubs.

Football Association officials confirmed that FIFA did not notify El-Gabalabiya of any penalties against Zamalek in this regard, and that the decision may have been sent to the Zamalek Club directly without reaching the Football Association, which caused Hussein Labib, President of Zamalek’s statements yesterday, which caused a state of confusion.

Labib said in televised statements yesterday that Zamalek will not be able to register his new deals for the new season due to FIFA’s decision to prevent him from being registered in two periods of registration because of his contract with the junior Hossam Ashraf, despite his signing for a Cameroonian club.

Football Association officials explained that the committee that currently manages the Jabaliya refused to approve the initial list of Zamalek players, which includes the old players, due to the late dues of the Jabaliya to Zamalek, but this rejection does not mean that Zamalek players have the right to leave at any time because the names of the players have already been registered on the “System” However, the new season cards for players will not be extracted until after the late dues are paid or scheduled, and players are not entitled to participate in any matches without these cards.

As for the new players, Football Association officials confirmed that Zamalek has a deadline until October 7 to register its new deals, and no new player will be registered unless the dues are paid or scheduled as well.


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