The head of Microsoft reveals the details of the failure of the purchase of Tik Tok: “The strangest thing I have worked on”


In August 2020, Microsoft proposed acquiring a part of TikTok in a complex deal, as the administration of former US President Donald Trump was threatening to stop the platform at the time, and TikTok rejected Microsoft’s offer, announced talks with Oracle with a completely different type of deal and the whole thing was blown.

Speaking during the Code conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the whole ordeal was “kind of the weirdest thing I’ve ever worked on” according to The Verege.

Regarding the value of such a deal to Microsoft, Nadella said he was “kind of intrigued by it,” “The important start is that “TikTok came to us, we didn’t come to TikTok,” he says, the company was looking for an American partner to help out with “those things.” security a”.

Nadella thought TikTok might have been a good fit because it was a cloud-based social service that made great use of artificial intelligence, all of the company’s focus areas.

Nadella claims that Microsoft would have been an interesting partner for TikTok because of its solid work with “investments in social media, particularly what we do in content moderation and child safety”, and these strengths are seen – in addition to the main fact that it is a service provider US-based cloud – as key to appeasing the Trump administration.

There was a period of time when even though the US government had a special set of requirements,” Nadella says, “I think President Trump had a certain view of what he was trying to accomplish…and then he left.”

Microsoft told TikTok it would not go ahead with the deal in September, later in the year, days before a deadline set by Trump for parent company ByteDance to sell its US assets. Finally this year.

He noted that he hasn’t followed up on what’s happening with TikTok and Oracle and on whether he’d like to buy TikTok now if it’s back on the table? “No,” Nadella said, “at this point, I’m happy with what I have.”


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