The Ministry of Health comments on the news of the vaccination of children against Corona, and reveals the death rate among the infected


Adviser to the Minister of Health and a member of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona, Dr. Noha Assem, revealed that the state, during this period, limited vaccinations to individuals over the age of 18 years only, adding that a study is being conducted regarding the vaccination of those under the age of 18 years. And this was during the statements she made, a member of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona in Egypt, during the presentation of the “Egypt is Better” program, which is presented to viewers through the TV channel “Echo of the Country 2”.

Vaccination of children against corona

In a related context, the advisor to the Minister of Health revealed that the percentage of deaths that are recorded among children who are infected with the emerging corona infection does not exceed 1%, which is a very small percentage, and she stressed the need to adhere to the application of all health measures announced by the health authorities in the country, which include: The most important of which is wearing a protective mask and constantly washing hands and face with soap and water.

Noha Assem stated, during her statements as well, that the recent updates that were made to the Corona treatment protocol applied in isolation hospitals, include adding a type of treatment based on antibodies, explaining that this amendment is the fifth that is made to the treatment protocol, and confirmed at the end of her statements, on The inability of health authorities to date to reach a treatment for the emerging corona, and that the vaccinations provided by the state are especially for those over the age of 18, but there are studies to vaccinate those under the age of 18, and Egypt is among the three safest countries against the Corona virus, and due This is due to the great efforts being made by the responsible authorities in the country, but it is expected that the coming period will witness an increase in the number of infected people, in conjunction with the fourth wave of Corona.


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