The possibility of launching the smallest “Lexus” car in its history


The possibility of launching the smallest car

Crossover Lexus UX

Recent rumors point to the possibility of a new car in the family of “Lexus” cars, a small crossover for the city.

These rumors were published in the Japanese magazine Mag-X, which made experts talk about the appearance and classification of the new car.

The possibility of launching the smallest car

Crossover Lexus UX

It is noteworthy that Toyota had unveiled the Lexus LF-SA concept in 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show, as a small crossover that will be used to walk in the city to be smaller than the luxury crossover UX. In this context, experts recalled the Toyota Yaris Cross, which is likely to present its platform for the new “Lexus” crossover.

So, the new “Lexus” crossover that is likely to occupy a lower position than the UX in the “Lexus” family of cars can be based on the Toyota crossover with its hybrid engine, knowing that the Yaris Cross with AWD-i transmissions has a hybrid system that includes The internal combustion engine has a capacity of 1.5 liters and two electric motors that generate 116 horsepower.

It is not excluded that these two engines will be strengthened in the small crossover “Lexus”. The mentioned hybrid system is characterized by low fuel consumption. AWD-i transmissions can boost traction even in tough conditions.

So the platform used by Toyotas Yaris Cross can be adapted to the Lexus city crossover. However, its external appearance will, of course, differ from that of the Yaris Cross, despite the similarity in design.

It is expected that the small crossover “Lexus”, like the Yaris Cross, will be sold in Europe, Japan and Australia. Some believe that it could compete in Europe with the BMW X1 Audi Q2.

Source: Autovesti


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