The Public Prosecution Office in the suicide of the “City Stars girl”: she suffered from disagreements over her


10:47 PM

Friday 17 September 2021

Books – Tarek Samir:

The Public Prosecution is conducting investigations into the death of a girl in Nasr City.

The Public Prosecution said in a statement on Friday that it had received a report that a girl had fallen from the sixth floor of the shopping complex “City Stars” in Nasr City and her death after she was taken to the hospital. It included the girl jumping from the aforementioned floor and someone trying to dissuade her from that, so the competent prosecution initiated an investigation into the incident.

The Public Prosecution examined the body of the deceased and identified the injuries. It moved to inspect the scene of the incident, and saw what the surveillance machines photographed, and asked a number of witnesses to the incident and the deceased’s relatives. She found that she had previously suffered from psychological pressures due to family disputes, and that she had told her friend on the day of the incident that she wanted to commit suicide.

The Public Prosecution ordered the assignment of a forensic doctor to sign the anatomical character of the deceased’s body, stating the injuries it had, and to determine the cause of her death, the extent to which the incident occurred as concluded by the investigations, and whether there were any criminal suspicions, and investigation procedures are being completed.

This, and on the occasion of that incident and what the Public Prosecution monitored from the circulation of its video clip and the divergence of opinions about the reason for the deceased’s suicide and some doubt about it, it confirms that engaging in these matters would prejudice the sanctities of private life that are not related to the criminal incident, and therefore it is from It is not permissible to talk about it among the general public, which may constitute a crime punishable by law.

The Public Prosecution Office calls upon everyone to refrain from circulating the depiction of the incident, taking into account the rights and feelings of the grieving families of the deceased, as well as calling upon them to investigate the causes of youth suicide and to strive to dispel them, and to raise a conscious and alert generation that is protected from being victimized and falling into that trap.

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