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The artist Ahmed Ramzy dreamed of universality, following in the footsteps of his close friend Omar Sharif, and he had all the ingredients of language proficiency, acting and also good looks, but what hindered this important step in his career.

Today marks the ninth anniversary of the death of Ahmed Ramzy, who told in an interview with the artist Safaa Abu Al-Saud on the “Safa Hour” program about the story of the international movie “The Gospel”, which he was nominated to participate in, but the intervention of a person prevented him.

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Ahmed Ramzy said that the director of the film, John Houston, nominated him for a large and important role in the movie “The Gospel”, which was produced in 1966, but the intervention of Fathi Ibrahim, who was the owner of one of the cinemas, prevented this.

Ahmed Ramzy said that he met Houston by chance at a party and talked to him about the Red Sea and some things. After that, Houston asked someone who Ahmed Ramzy was, and when he knew that he was an actor, he nominated him for a role in the movie “The Gospel.”

Director John Huston was going to shoot the film in Egypt, and Fathi Ibrahim intervened and prevented Ahmed Ramzy from participating in the film.

In Ahmed Ramzy’s life, there are many situations, including that he lost his hair because of the movie “Love Over Rain”, in which he agreed, with instructions from director Hussein Kamal, to shave his hair completely with a blade, and he expected it to grow again, but this did not happen, and then resorted to the “wig.” “.

From Ahmed Ramzy’s point of view, “Love Over the Rain” is one of his worst films, while he loved his films “Our Good Days” and “Gossip over the Nile”.

One of Ahmed Ramzy’s stories is that he almost lost his life in the movie “The Devils of the Air”, because of his extreme audacity.

In one of the film’s scenes, he is shot while swimming in the water, and he was shot with live ammunition.

Ahmed Ramzy, or “The Naughty Boy”, achieved great fame and success, and he was the darling of girls, and he is the first actor in Egyptian cinema to receive the highest wage among all his colleagues, 800 pounds, for the movie “Ghariba”, the first movie of singer Najat al-Saghir.

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