The story of Al-Ahly’s new deal with Zamalek, which turned him into the island


Al-Ahly continued to support the youth sector with young talents from the second and third divisions. After contracting with goalkeeper Mustafa Makhlouf from the Arsenal and Dikirnis striker Omar Al-Bakry, Al-Ahly concluded a new deal by contracting with Hamdi Musa, the left back of the Desouq club participating in the third division league.

Hamdi Moussa is 19 years old. He was born in July 2002. He is 190 cm tall. He plays with both feet and is good at positions, left back, central defense and central defender.

The young player drew the attention of Amr Anwar, the coach of the youth team in Al-Ahly club, after he underwent a 20-day cohabitation period with the youth team in Al-Ahly and played to ask the coach to contract with him.

Hamdi Moussa, after the emergence of his talent, some clubs tried to attract him so that Ihab Al Aref, Vice President of Desouq Club, presented him to Zamalek Club, which he revealed on Sada Al-Balad channel last August, saying: “The first is I am Zamalek to the core. I contacted Tariq Yahya, director of the youth sector in Zamalek, to see Hamdi, we agreed to come at 9 in the morning to watch him in the stadium, nine followed by Yahya.

Zamalek contracted with Desouq’s talent and faced an obstacle that caused a crisis later, as Al-Arif revealed, “Tareq Yahya said the boy is good, but there is no money in the club.

After Desouk refused, Zamalek officials tried with the same player, according to Al-Arif, who revealed, “Badr Hamed, the youth coach of Zamalek, went to the player in the division after the end of my call with Yahya. Once again, they spoke to his father, and they told him, “Come to Zamalek, and you will not invite us, we will travel outside and you will return to Zamalek.”

The Vice President of Desouk Club was saddened by Zamalek’s behavior and called to reproach Tariq Yahya, revealed by Al-Arif, “Tariq Yahya said, “I do not have an invitation to this band.


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