“The Supervisor and the Carpenter”… She carried a thug from her fiance and threw her baby in the grave


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Friday 17 September 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

The Criminal Investigation Department of the Giza Security Directorate succeeded in solving the mystery of finding the body of a baby dumped in a garbage dump in the Hawamdiya center in the south of the governorate, and it was found that his mother got rid of him because she was pregnant as a result of an illegal relationship with her fiance.

The director of the South Giza sector received a signal from Brigadier General Amr Abdel Aziz, the commissioner of the Hawamdiya Police Department, that the parents had found the body of a baby whose birth had only been hours in the garbage in the health insurance area.

Immediately, Major General Medhat Fares, director of the Giza Investigations, directed Brigadier General Ahmed Khalaf, head of the South Sector Investigations, to form a research team to identify the perpetrator of the incident and to keep the body in the morgue.

An elaborate search plan prepared by Colonel Muhammad Mukhtar, inspector of the South Division, focused on examining surveillance cameras on the roads leading to the place where the infant’s body was found and discussing eyewitnesses from shop owners near the crime scene.

The research and investigation efforts of Major Ahmed Essam, head of the Hawamdiya Investigation Department, concluded that the incident was committed by a 22-year-old supervisor named “Samiya” in a nursery school. Because of her pregnancy incest from her fiance, “Rida 26 years”, a carpenter.

After codifying the procedures, a mission led by Major Ahmed Badawy and Captains Farouk Abdel Qader and Islam Al-Sisi managed to arrest the accused and her fiance.

In front of Major General Assem Abu al-Khair, Deputy Director of the Giza Investigation, the two acknowledged the truth of the incident, and referred the matter to the “devil’s hour” during their 6-month engagement period.

The necessary report was drawn up on the incident, and Major General Ragab Abdel Aal, Director of Giza Security, referred it to the Public Prosecution Office, which started investigations.

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