The Taliban destroys an old historical fort… amid concern of Helmand residents


With millions of Afghans anxiously awaiting the awaited new laws, which will be issued by the Taliban after its absolute control of the country since last August 15, amid the continued flight of many citizens for fear of the movement’s militancy and violations by its elements in a number of states, pictures of the destruction of one of the historic castles in Helmand Province showed , south of the country.

The Taliban have destroyed an ancient fortress (Bala Hisar), which is 170 years old in the town of Girishk in Helmand, according to the local Aswaka news agency reported on Friday.

She also explained that this ancient historical fort (an old prison) was restored by Sardar Siddiq Khan during the reign of Prince Habibullah.

Violations and targeting of civilians

On the other hand, residents of the area and many Afghans on social media expressed their deep concern over these actions.

It is noteworthy that the Taliban had launched many years ago violent attacks in order to control Helmand. At that time, the movement was accused of targeting many civilians, including a senior journalist in the southern state, Elias Daye, who was killed in a bomb explosion last fall.

History fort in Helmand

History fortress in Helmand

In addition, the movement is accused of its extremist teachings, as well as committing many violations that amounted to encroaching on some shrines, especially the tomb of Ahmed Shah Massoud, the late leader known as the “Lion of Panjshir” and enjoying wide fame throughout the country.

Since its takeover of the capital, Kabul, many Afghans have fled abroad for fear that the Taliban will commit abuses against them, especially since the movement’s rule in the 1990s was characterized by many atrocities.

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