The Taliban opens schools without women, and only males are allowed to return


After previously announced that it It will allow Afghan girls to continue their university education To prevent mixing, the Taliban opened today, Saturday, schools to male students and teachers only.

The Ministry of Education in the Interim Government has announced that all male students’ classes from 6th to 12th and all male teachers must resume classes throughout Afghanistan starting today.

Ignore the girls

However, the statement, which was posted on Facebook on Friday, did not mention girls of that age, according to the Associated Press.

The failure to mention the girls caused an uproar in the Afghan street, and revived fears that did not subside since the movement took control of power and entered Kabul in the middle of last month (August 2021) that the Taliban would impose restrictions on girls and women.

School students in Kabul (archive - AFP)

School students in Kabul (archive – AFP)

Especially since the Taliban had asked women in some provinces to refrain from resuming their work, with the exception of those working in health departments, hospitals and education.

ghost of the past

Although the movement was allowing girls in grades one to six to resume school. But her reign’s history of repression of women in the 1990s brought back the specter of the past and awakened the fears of millions of Afghan women.

He also recalled the prohibition of movement during her previous rule of the country, girls and women from education and work.

From a school in Afghanistan (Associated Press)

From a school in Afghanistan (Associated Press)

Abolition of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs also

It seems that the Taliban not only ignored girls from attending school, but also abolished the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and replaced it with the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, in a move also reminiscent of its first rule more than twenty years ago.

Workers were seen placing a sign bearing the words Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice on the Ministry of Women’s Affairs building in the capital, Kabul.

In the past hours, social networking sites have been buzzing with pictures showing employees of the ministry demonstrating in front of the building in protest against losing their jobs, according to what they said.

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