The tragedy of the girl who committed suicide in the mall interacts.. Rania Mahmoud Yassin: “Be kind to our children”


In an unfortunate incident that occurred in one of the major malls in Nasr City, a 23-year-old girl threw herself from the sixth floor as a result of depression, where she died instantly.

The Nasr City Prosecution summoned the friend of the suicide girl to hear her statements about the incident to reveal the circumstances. Her friend, Naira (23 years old), a student at the Faculty of Dentistry, revealed that her friend Mayar is a student in the fourth year of dentistry, and that she told her before the incident that she would commit suicide, and she also explained that she She met with her friend before her suicide, and she was sitting with her in one of the cafes.

The girl confirmed that her friend committed suicide because of persecution and mistreatment by her family, and that she left and left her alone in the cafe.

In turn, the artist, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, published a picture of the suicide girl on her personal page on “Instagram”, and commented on her saying: “Sorry for the great pain in this picture, may God have mercy on her.”

And she continued, “I want to say to every father and mother, do not put pressure on your children, especially in the teenage years and early twenties, without thinking that we understand their reactions, because this is the fault of the people of the mall girl who sacrificed her life because of the depression that her family lived in without feeling that they are killing her slowly, thinking that they are sure that they are doing.” For her sake, but the result was tragic. Take care of our children, they are softer than leaves.”

It is noteworthy that police investigations and information gathering, and after seizing the victim’s mobile phone, her identity was revealed, as it turned out that the girl was called Mayar Hisham (23 years), residing in the Al-Zohour neighborhood in Nasr City, and her family was reached.

Investigations also added that the girl was suffering from family problems, and the investigations revealed that the girl’s father works as a famous surgeon in Nasr City.


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