The trial of a bully doctor against a nurse in a private hospital in Cairo begins today


Today, Saturday, the Cairo Economic Court will hold the first session to try Dr. Amr Khairy and two others on charges of bullying a nurse and asking him to prostrate to a dog in a clinic in a private hospital in Cairo.

It is noteworthy that Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy, the Public Prosecutor, ordered the referral of three imprisoned defendants; Doctor Amr Khairy and an employee of a private hospital, for criminal trial; to accuse them of bullying a nurse by verbally displaying power and controlling him; They ordered him to prostrate to an animal owned by a doctor of the accused, taking advantage of his weakness and their authority over him with the intent of intimidating him and making him a subject of ridicule and demeaning, and their attack on family principles and values ​​in Egyptian society, and their violation of the sanctity of the victim’s private life, and their publication through the information network depicting the incident of bullying, which violated the privacy of the victim. The victim without his consent, and using a private account on a social networking site with the aim of committing these crimes.

The Public Prosecution established evidence before the defendants from what was proven by watching a video clip of the bullying incident, the defendants confession to it and the correctness of their appearance in it, and what was proven from the testimony of the victim and two other witnesses, and what the defendants confessions included in the investigations.

The Monitoring and Analysis Unit in the Al-Bayan Department of the Attorney General’s Office monitored a wide circulation on social media of a video clip that was attributed to a doctor showing his assault and two others on a nurse inside a hospital room, by word and deed in a manner that constitutes advanced crimes, and by submitting the matter to the Attorney General, he ordered an investigation Urgent in the event.

The Public Prosecution stated in a statement that it had located the hospital where the incident was filmed, so it inquired about its parties, and assigned the police authorities to investigate the circumstances, so the inquiry and investigation led to the identification of the three perpetrators of the crime. Two doctors and a hospital employee.

The Public Prosecution asked the victim, and he testified in detail about the transgression he had been subjected to, as it appeared in the circulating clip, taking advantage of their functional authority over him, explaining that the circulating photography was taken without his knowledge or consent, showing that it was damaged by its publication, and the circulation of it between the people of his house and his village..

The Public Prosecution ordered the arrest of the accused, so the doctor and the employee who appeared in the filming were arrested and interrogated. They denied what was attributed to them, and their statements agreed with what the victim testified in the investigations, and justified what appeared in the filming by the habitual acceptance of the joke by the victim and the fleeing accused who filmed the clip, in a manner What is being circulated, which the victim denied by accepting this joke or being satisfied with it, claiming the accused’s recent statement to them and others to hack his account on the digital communication application “WhatsApp» Denying their knowledge of how the circulating clip was published, while they acknowledged the authenticity of what was contained in the photography and the validity of their appearance in it.


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