The World Health Organization confirms: There is no mutated “lambda” strain of corona in Russia yet


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The World Health Organization confirms: There is no strain yet


Melita Voinovich, Director of the World Health Organization’s office in Russia, stated that the organization did not detect the “lambda” mutated strain of corona in samples taken in Russia.

In answering a question about the risk of the spread of the “lambda” strain in Russia, Voinovich indicated that this country has a comprehensive monitoring system that includes the Consumer Rights Protection Authority, the Novosibirsk Vector Center, and the Smorodintsev Institute for Influenza Research, and it works in the field of genetic sequencing and is involved in a network The World Health Organization, that is, it shares data on the various variants discovered with the Global Scientific Initiative on Genomic Data for Influenza Viruses and Coronaviruses Responsible for the Covid pandemic.

In this regard, Voinovich said, “According to the information available at the present time, the World Health Organization has not received data on the discovery of the lambda strain in samples taken in Russia,” noting that it may not be familiar with the latest data, which she said is more available with the Russian body in charge of protection. Consumer rights.

She pointed out that the World Health Organization continues to monitor the situation with the lambda strain, pointing out that this strain “is being monitored because it is an interesting different species. At the present time, there is no new information about it.”

The first case of infection with the lambda strain, common in Peru, was detected in Japan in July. The injured woman was related to the Olympics. A positive reaction to the virus was detected upon her arrival at Haneda Airport.

The World Health Organization considers “lambda” a worthy strain. There is also information circulating in the media that it reduces the effectiveness of vaccines.

Source: RIA Novosti


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