They killed him after he left the mosque.. 3 people shoot a young man in the country


12:01 AM

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Dakahlia – Ramy Mahmoud:

A young man was killed in Al-Ahmadiya village of Sherbeen district in Dakahlia governorate, after three people shot him while he was leaving the mosque, after performing prayers.

Major General Sayed Sultan, Director of Dakahlia Security, received a notification from Major General Ihab Attia, Director of Criminal Investigation, from Sherbin Central Hospital, of the arrival of “Ahmed Kamel Al-Ajmi Qadous”, with gunshot wounds scattered throughout the body. He died after arriving at the hospital reception, where he was deposited The mortuary is at the disposal of the Public Prosecution Office, which ordered the transfer of the body to the mortuary of Mansoura International Hospital, and to summon the Forensic Medicine Authority to make a report on the anatomical character of the deceased.

The officers of the Sherbeen Investigation Unit, led by Major Majid Al-Shami, head of the investigations, moved to the scene of the incident, where it was found that while the victim was leaving the mosque, 3 people shot in his direction, causing him to kill him, following old disputes between the victim and the accused. They were caught, after they managed to escape on motorbikes.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the young victim was religiously committed and had good morals in his village and performed ablution and went to the mosque to perform the obligatory prayer, and while he was leaving the mosque, 3 people were waiting for him. .

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