This is how Mia Khalifas life became after her retirement from pornographic films.. She sold her glasses for a fantastic amount to support Lebanon and attacked Shakira


One sex scene, was enough to make the Lebanese Mia Khalifa​ One of the most prominent faces in the porn industry, as she appeared in a hijab while having threesomes with Sean Lawless and Julianna Vega. Her medium spread in the world and was very popular, reaching more than 1.5 million views, and she is 22 years old, and she became The most viewed video on adult video sharing site Pornhub. On December 28 of that year, Pornhub revealed that it had become No. 1 on its website.

In 2015, after offering her a long-term contract with a company, Mia surprised the audience and retired.
Mias fame and participation in public life did not end, from revealing the secrets of pornographic film production companies, to her views on political life in Lebanon and her support for the Lebanese after a tragedy​Beirut port explosion​.. these are the details of Mia Khalifas life after retiring.

Mia Khalifa reveals the secrets of pornographic film production companies

shocked Mia Khalifa The audience, with her statements about the production companies of pornographic films and the way they attract girls, said during a media statement that these companies make their stars sign work contracts in order to cooperate with them by taking advantage of their crisis conditions, which are often related to money. Mia expressed her dissatisfaction with the great stardom and wide fame that she made in the world of pornographic films, and in a tone of remorse, she said that if she could, she would not have submitted to this work. Although she had previously stated that the reason for her approach to this field resulted from proving herself as a beautiful woman, as she had gone through a difficult adolescence period, and she was suffering from bullying and was described as “ugly”.

Mia Khalifa and the demonstrations in Lebanon

stand out Mia Khalifa Supporter of the Lebanese revolution and popular movements, although she has lived in the United States of America for more than 20 years, and she has always shared videos from the popular movement, supports it, and confirms that she is with the people.
She also published videos of some Lebanese young men dancing to the song “Bella Ciao” in Arabic by the artist Shiraz, and said that she is a sample of the ideal Lebanese, to which Shiraz replied: “Thank you, you are very nice.”

NSThe truth of her participation in the demonstrations

And the pioneers of social networking sites had shared some photos showing Mia Khalifa while she was participating in the demonstrations, commenting: “So Mia Khalifa You went to the demonstrations, what are you waiting for?
Later it became clear that the photo dates back to 2017 in the United States of America. However, this did not prevent the presence of her pictures in the demonstrations through the banners of the demonstrators, who uploaded her pictures with the comment: “Mia Khalifa Ashraf is from you.”

Mia Khalifa and her sympathy with the Lebanese after the explosion of the port of Beirut

After the explosion of the port of Beirut, it appeared Mia Khalifa She sympathized greatly with the victims and tried to provide assistance in various ways, and her position came to light when she offered her glasses for sale on Ebay in order to support the victims of the catastrophic bombing.
And she announced, through her own account on the social networking site, that the price of the glasses approached 100,000 dollars in just 11 hours. She invited everyone to reach half a million dollars by the end of the week, and said at the time, “I raise bets every $20,000, and the power of attorney has been officially added.”
She also published a video clip of her, in which she called on everyone to donate and stand by Lebanon as much as they can.

Mia Khalifa and her criticism ofShakira

attacked Mia Khalifa The international artist Shakira more than once because of her Lebanese origins, considering that she was late in her support for Lebanon after the explosion of the port of Beirut at that time, which killed more than 160 people and injured about 5,000 Lebanese who were not displaced and all those who left their homes.
Mia expressed her anger, writing: “My beloved Shakira, The Weeknd donated to aid in Lebanon. You are half Lebanese and your family is on vacation there, but you remain silent while the Lebanese need the voice of global influencers? They don’t need your money, just raise your voice because of the scale of the tragedy.”
Then I mocked her for joining the campaign of the Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, like any star alien to this country: “Shakira did the minimum really. She told Zuhair Murad: Yes, I will.
She also attacked her again and criticized her for ignoring “her homeland after the bombing of the port of Beirut on the fourth of August,” pointing out that she did not “remember her homeland, Lebanon, until after the international Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad gave her a T-Shirt that read, “Get up from under.” Al-Rumam”, which he designed to help Lebanon financially, and a number of world stars shared this with him.”
She said: “I felt disgusted when I saw Shakira posting the picture of the shirt a month after the explosion, I wish I could get all the money back. I spent listening to that bastard’s songs.”
And Mia continued, “Shakira expressed her sadness when it was in her favor and returned to her with profits and fame around the world, but she was not at the required level when it was required. Shakira is of Lebanese origin and I have goosebumps now. I hate to talk about it, I get very angry when I see celebrities International people have openly accepted the Lebanese culture, as happened with Shakira when she was on tour, or when she released an album or used a sample of a Lebanese song in a popular song for her, as did “Jay-Z.” Even Jay-Z donated a larger amount of money than Shakira donated.


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