This is how Sumaya al-Khashab commented on the suicide of a girl in City Stars


05:01 AM

Friday 17 September 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

The artist, Somaya al-Khashab, commented on the suicide of a student in the fifth year at the Faculty of Dentistry, by throwing herself from the sixth floor of the “City Stars” mall in Nasr City.

Al-Khashab wrote, through her official account on Twitter: “The City Stars incident broke my heart… Beloved, be aware of any problem, situation or event in your life that makes you think about suicide… Every problem has a solution and there is no end of the world.”

And she continued, “I wish someone would tell you that he was thinking of suicide, you would embrace him and be reckless with his words, and try to warn someone from his family or those close to him, because at that time he would need psychological support and he must join before it is too late.”

She added: “The cruelty of some parents who do not have enough awareness towards their children, especially after the school results, whose results will be catastrophic. Stop humiliating and harming your children. Do not speak like (you are a failure) and (death yourself) because the consequences of this speech will cause misfortunes, and their guilt will remain in your neck.” .

And eyewitnesses from the site of the City Stars accident said that the dead girl remained for about 5 hours inside the mall, and they saw her crying violently and changing her place more than once until they were surprised by her throwing herself from the sixth floor.

Investigations indicated that the girl was called “M. M.”, 23 years old, and she lives in the Al-Zohour neighborhood in Nasr City.

Activists on social networking sites “Facebook” circulated a video of the fall of a girl in her thirties from one of the upper floors inside a famous mall in Nasr City, and some attempts to rescue her to no avail.

The prosecution authorized the autopsy of the deceased’s body to show the injuries and ordered it to be handed over to her family for burial. It also requested unloading the cameras in the vicinity of the accident to reveal its circumstances.


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