This is how the mall girl committed suicide from the sixth floor


The Egyptian prosecution revealed details of an accident A young Egyptian doctor fell from the sixth floor In one of the malls, she said in a statement on Friday evening that she had received a report that a girl had fallen from the sixth floor of the “City Stars” mall in Nasr City and had died after she was taken to the hospital.

She revealed that she looked at the dead body and found out the injuries it had, and then went to inspect the scene of the incident, and saw what the surveillance machines photographed, and asked a number of witnesses to the incident and the girl’s relatives.

The Public Prosecution also continued that the girl took advantage of an opportunity she had given herself and jumped from a height in the mall, adding that she had ordered the assignment of a forensic doctor to sign the anatomical character of the dead body, indicate the injuries and determine the cause of her death and the extent of the perception of the occurrence of the incident.

family quarrels

The Egyptian security services had revealed that the girl, Mayar Mohamed, 23, who works as a dentist, committed suicide due to disagreements with her family.

According to investigations and surveillance cameras in the mall, the doctor left her family’s house about five hours before the accident and went to the mall and kept moving between floors and then went up to the sixth floor, ignoring everyone and throwing herself, only to find a lifeless body.

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