Those born with 5 signs love revenge, “don’t win their enmity”… Who are they?


03:07 PM

Tuesday 28 September 2021

Written by Nour Jamal

There are some people who cannot let go of what happened to them in the past, the hurt and the grudges, whose main goal is to take revenge on those who have wronged them.

Despite the passage of time, and the matter has turned into a thing of the past, they do not lose their right, and here are the most important signs of the zodiac who are looking for revenge, according to what was reported in the “timesofindia” website.

1- Taurus:

Taurus are usually very stubborn and therefore vengeful, they like to carefully plan everything they do, and they are straightforward, straight-faced and tell what they are going to do.

2- Cancer:

Cautious and in a vengeful mood, especially if someone they love is hurt in any way, they will not resort to harsh forms of revenge unless it gets worse, so this way the Cancer is justified.

3- Scorpio:

People under this sign see revenge as a logical reason to return to the person who made them angry, they are unable to let go of any hurt or grudge that makes them take revenge.

Scorpios are sensitive, so when they get hurt, they find it easier to take revenge on the person, to quench their anger, they are smart and manipulative too.

4- The lion:

Leo will get all the help he can get to plan the perfect revenge, they are decisive, so it is hard to change their mind if they are bent on it, if someone takes something dear to him, he will stop at nothing until he gets his things back.

5- Libra

He hates those people who indulge in acts of injustice, so if someone hurts them, they will become vengeful and do everything to respond to it.

They believe in balance. If someone makes their life difficult, they will make their life worse. They have a low tolerance for injustice, harm, and purposeful conflict.

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