Tired: The present time is the most appropriate time to dismiss Hossam El-Badri – Kooora


  1. Tired: Now is the most appropriate time to dismiss Hossam El-Badrikooora
  2. Imad Miteb on the reason for his refusal to work with Al-Badri: This is one of the reasons that prevented me from playing footballSada El-Bald
  3. Tired: Al-Badri lacks good dealings with the players. The team’s performance does not qualify him for the World Cup – Al-Ahly.comAl-Ahly of Egypt
  4. Point of view.. Imad Miteb turns from the legend of the stadiums to settling personal accounts with Al-Badrikora11
  5. Imad Miteb: What Coca and El-Nani lived with Al-Badri in the national team, I lived with him in Al-AhlySada El-Bald
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