Tragedy in Egypt .. They refused to give her a sick leave, so she died and her fetus


A tragedy and catastrophe witnessed in the city of Zagazig, Sharkia Governorate, in northern Egypt, where a young pharmacist and her fetus died of infection with the Corona virus, after officials refused to grant her a sick leave. On Wednesday evening, the people of the city attended the funeral of the pharmacist and her fetus, while the Directorate of Health in the governorate called her.

Before her death, the young woman revealed in a post on her Facebook page that she had submitted a letter stating that she was pregnant and needed a leave, especially since she was eight months pregnant, but an employee of the Zagazig Health Insurance Authority refused the letter and demanded that she submit tests and x-rays confirming her pregnancy.

She also added that due to the employee’s intransigence, she was able to obtain approval from her responsible manager, but they asked her to wait until the letter was sent to Cairo and to obtain approval from higher leaders.

She also explained that as a result of this delay and her going to work in light of the start of the fourth wave of Corona, she had contracted the infection and had to isolate at home, after she also infected two of her family, and then her condition rapidly deteriorated.

“I’m dying”

The pharmacist wrote another post two days ago on her Facebook page, saying, “I’m dying.”

Indeed, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, she breathed her last, along with her fetus, and her body was buried in a mass funeral on Wednesday evening.

The incident sparked great anger on the communication sites, and the Pharmacists Syndicate in Sharqia demanded an immediate investigation and accountability for the officials who, as a result of routine, negligence and intransigence, caused the death of the young pharmacist, no more than 35 years old.

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