Tunisia..The release of Brotherhood leader Seif El-Din Makhlouf


has been released makhlof, to be re-heared at a later time, based on a summons from a judgeلتحقيق first in military court, while the fetch card has been invalidated.

And Sky News Arabia learned, from informed judicial sources, that Makhlouf, who is close to the Ennahda movement and who took over the presidency of the Dignity Coalition, the violent wing of the movement, was arrested on charges of “conspiring against internal state security with the aim of inducing residents to attack each other.”

Last August, the military judiciary issued a summons for Makhlouf, against the backdrop of the so-called “airport raid”, when security agents attacked Carthage International Airport in Tunis, attempting to “forcibly deport a woman accused of terrorism.”

Meanwhile, the Presidency of the Tunisian Republic affirmed, “The security forces are committed to not banning anyone from traveling unless they are the subject of a summons, deposition in prison or searches.”

The statement added that this would be done “with full respect for the law, preserving the dignity of all, and observing the obligations of travelers abroad.”

Tunisian President Kais Saied stressed that “what is being promoted about ill-treatment is pure slander for those who are not satisfied with slander on the ground, but rather want to slander even while they are in the air,” he said, praising the role of all police and customs officials at the land, sea and air border crossings. “For their efforts so that no one escapes justice.

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