Twitter Adds Limited Topics to Spaces..Details


Twitter has announced the addition of Topics, which are pre-set tags that you can use to help like-minded individuals find their voice rooms. You can add up to three topics. Some of the ones you can use currently include “entertainment”, “global news” and “games” as reported by Engadget.

At launch the feature is somewhat limited as it is only available for select Android users, there are only 10 themes to choose from and the themes are only in English. However, Twitter said that iOS support will be available soon, and that it will increase the number of available themes.

Like the API v2 update the company announced in August, it’s safe to say that Twitter hopes to encourage increased use of spaces by making it easier to find sound rooms, particularly those that align with your interests.

The Twitter platform announced the Spaces service for the first time in December 2020, and after one month it launched it as a beta version for testing for some iOS users, and also launched it at the beginning of last March for Android users.

Twitter Spaces are public voice chat rooms that anyone can create and join.


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