Urgent.. A sudden decision from Zamalek regarding “Mostafa Mohamed” shocked a dead audience, Oqba


Revealed an official source within the club Zamalek, that the Board of Directors of the White Castle headed by Captain Hassan Labib is now trying to communicate with the administration of Galatasaray Club in order to restore the player “Mustafa Muhammad”, the star of the club and loaned to the ranks of the Turkish team until the end of this season, and even Galata Saray owns an item entitled to activate the right to purchase a day before December 31, which is what the Zamalek club is afraid of at the present time.

In media statements, Mohamed Al-Atarby, the vice-chairman of the committee in charge of managing the affairs of the Zamalek club, launched at this time about the restoration of Mustafa Mohamed again, and he said: “In fact, all members of the board of directors want the player to return to the White Castle again, as Mustafa is among the sons of Zamalek club and he can provide the addition to the club in the coming years.”

Al-Etrebi continued his statements about the club’s position on the return of the former team striker: “We are trying with the management of the Turkish club, but the ball is not in our court. The Turkish club has the right to keep the player there until the end of the season, and it can also activate the purchase clause for 4.5 million dollars and buy the player permanently “.

The vice-chairman of the committee in charge of managing the affairs of Zamalek concluded his statements by saying: “The club succeeded in achieving the league title without Ferjani Sassi and Mostafa Mohamed, who are the most prominent elements of the team in recent years, but this does not prevent us at all to restore the services of a striker of the size and value of Mostafa as soon as possible.” .

It is worth noting that most Turkish newspapers confirm that Mustafa Muhammad’s relationship with Galatasaray club has officially ended, and coach Fatih Terem has become the player that he has no place with the team next season and he has to start looking for a new club.

And through social networking sites, a large group of Zamalek fans confirmed their dissatisfaction with Mustafa Mohamed’s return to the club, due to the way the player left the White Castle in the middle of the season, without regard to the team’s need for him.


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