Urgent: Eastern Tobacco reveals the fact that cigarette prices have increased


The Eastern Tobacco Company responded to the circulating news regarding the increase in cigarette prices, and company sources revealed that there is no price adjustment, as the manufacturing agreement, and joint cooperation, with the Japanese International Tobacco Company, Japan Tobacco, has been renewed for a period of three years, which guarantees New prices for the contract value.

The company’s media official, Morsi Abu Amer, revealed that the prices of cigarettes are fixed without any change, and indicated that the renewal of the agreement with Japan Tobacco International (JTI), is a new contract with new terms different from the previous contract, which relates to the value of the contract.

The Japan Tobacco Company has applied the increase in the prices of new cigarettes to some of its foreign cigarette products, starting on August 18, and the value of the increase amounted to one pound per pack of cigarettes, to become 31 pounds instead of 30 pounds for the price of the pack.

And she was Eastern Tobacco Company, Eastern Company, has announced that it has already started printing cigarette prices on its products of local brands since the beginning of the past, and Hani Aman, Managing Director and CEO of the company, revealed the details of the agreement concluded with the international company.

He said that the agreement is a new contract with new conditions different from the previous contract, but it has achieved consensus between the two parties, as this agreement included new prices to cover inflation rates and increase the cost of production, as the Japanese company represents about 1% to 2% of the total volume of the Eastern Tobacco Company. .


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