Urgent: The President’s Health Adviser confirms that the new school year will not be postponed


The President’s Health Adviser, Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj El-Din, stated that the new school year 2021-2022 will not be postponed, and stressed that the state is moving at a good pace in vaccinating citizens, with Corona vaccines in all government and private sectors.

He indicated through his statements that The Ministry of Education, AndMinistry of Higher EducationThey developed a plan for all employees of the two ministries by providing vaccines directly, and during the next few weeks, large quantities of vaccines will be pumped, especially for university students.

This is in order to vaccinate the largest number of university students and educational directorates withCorona vaccineAnd he stressed that there is no intention to postpone new school year, whether for university or pre-university education, and praised the efforts of the Ministry of Health to provide vaccines to vaccinate citizens.

He added that the state’s goal, in cooperation with all institutions and ministries, is to return life in all fields, especially in the field of education, and that corona vaccines have become a top priority, and by the end of this year, the largest possible number of all groups will be vaccinated.

Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj al-Din pointed out the necessity of not complacency in vaccinating workers, employees of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education, and revealed that health has developed all possibilities to confront the fourth wave, and the return of the high number of infections again.

This coincided with the presence of cases infected with the Delta Plus mutator, and he stressed everyone the need to adhere to precautionary measures while taking the vaccine, and added that the Ministry of Health is ready for any scenario, during the emergence of the new wave and the increase in the number of infections.


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