Van Dam accepts Mohamed Henedy’s challenge


Van Dam accepts Mohamed Henedy's challenge


Egyptian artist Mohamed Henedy and American actor Jean-Claude Fan

The international star, American actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, announced his acceptance of the challenge of the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Henedy, through the social media.

Van Damme posted a picture on his official Facebook page and commented, “I accepted the challenge.”

Mohamed Heneidy had published a picture of Van Dam and commented on it, saying: “The legend, Van Dam, is a world star that we all loved. A large generation of young people have been educated in your films and have known foreign films and action because of your films. All Egypt welcomes you and is waiting for you, and all Egyptians will encourage the strongest and fiercest side.” And the most dangerous thing, and this is definitely not me.”

He continued, “But we will win the invitations of the Egyptians, the oil is there, and the good of our Lord is great.”

For his part, the legend Van Dam commented: “The amount of love that Egyptian fans paid for Mr. Henedy is impressive. This made me love him before meeting him and this proves that he is a wonderful comedian, but he is also a kind-hearted person whose funny and cheerful pictures make me smile too.”

Source: RT


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