Video – Qusai Khouli shocked everyone with his strange and daring look in “Murex D’or”


The star Qusai Khouli surprised the audience with his appearance on Friday evening, during his participation in the “Murex D’or” awards ceremony, where he looked very strange and bold in the direction of his hair and mustache.

It seems that the Syrian star is in the process of preparing for a new work of art, and, as usual, he is keen to thrill his fans for the different role he will present through his pictures with new looks, and this time a bold block appeared with long hair strewn with red and a thick and long mustache in black.

The Syrian star won the Best Actor Award for the series “2030” in the Murex, and he had to go to the stage to participate in honoring the producer Sadiq Al-Sabah with the star Nadine Nassib Najim, but he was late in attending because of filming a work, which confirmed the reason for his presence with this strange look. .

Qusai’s appearance with this strange look shocked a large number of his followers, and was subjected to many criticisms and sarcastic comments, as he revealed the shape of the character first, and secondly, his presence in this way is not appropriate for the ceremony and the occasion, pointing out that it was more useful to hide the look in some way during the ceremony and then return to him during filming. While the majority of his fans praised his audacity, his lack of interest in appearances and his focus mainly on what he presents to make the character rich and convincing.


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