Video Special – In the case of Omar Tariq Al-Arian and Sherine Abu Al-Ezz.. His mother distorts the facts and a shocking reaction from Tariq Al-Arian


After the “Art” site was alone with news of an exhibitionOmar Al-Arian, son of the directorTariq Al-Arian​, beating the Egyptian actress residing in Lebanon ​Sherine Abu El EzzThis news caused a stir on social media.
Our website learned that Omar obtained a report from the forensic doctor, after he underwent three surgeries at Clemenceau Hospital inBeirutHe will file a lawsuit against the people who attacked him.
The information indicated that Omar Al-Arian gave his testimony in the Mina Al-Hosn platoon.
In turn, Sherine entrusted the Lebanese lawyer, Mazen Halal, to sue Omar, after obtaining the forensic doctor’s report confirming that she had been subjected to a harmful blow to the face.
The “Art” website also learned that the lawyer, Halal, obtained the agency of 4 people who were affected by the problem that occurred in the club.
And the attention of the parentsThe porter’s aura​ And her ex-husband, Tariq Al-Arian, to Lebanon, Hala described a novel that her son Omar was beaten with lies, distorted the facts, and stated to the Mina Al-Hosn faction that what happened with Omar was a joke between friends, but the video that was published exclusively by the “Art” website, shows the truth, and how it took Sherine Ali Habiba Omar, to beat her, and then the young men in the place assaulted him, to lie in room 509 at Clemenceau Hospital.
On the other hand, our information confirmed that a phone call was made between Sherine’s lawyer and Tariq Al-Arian.
For all the details, watch the attached video.


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