Video .. Tariq Al-Habib explains the seriousness of addiction to watching pornographic films


Ali Al-Qahtani (Echo):

A consultant psychiatrist, Professor Tariq Al-Habib, warned of the dangers of addiction to watching porn, and its long-term impact.

Al-Habib explained during the “Yahla” program that addiction to pornographic films and masturbation affect marital life negatively.

Al-Habib said: “Pornographic films affect married life because the young man is accustomed to monogamous sex, and its addiction leads to a weakening of desire with a life partner.”

And about the way parents deal with their children when they watch these films, Al-Habib advised to deal with the son and forbid him to do this act in a gradual manner, saying: “The son who practices masturbation, the father must tell him that it will harm him in the future through direct and frank dialogue, and do not refuse.” The teenager was self-respecting and only criticized what he did.”


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