Vingada: Ossiano is Queiroz’s first assistant in coaching the Egyptian national team


Vingada, the technical director of the Egyptian Football Association, revealed that coach Ossiano is among three assistants to coach Carlos Quiros in coaching the Egyptian national team, where he worked with him 10 years ago in the field of coaching.

Vingada explained, during televised statements, that Egypt has strong players, and the evidence for this is the strong appearance of the Egyptian Olympic team in the last Tokyo Olympics, pointing out that the goal of the Egyptian team is to achieve the next African championship, which will be held in Cameroon.

Vingada added that he refused to coach the Egyptian national team because of his self-respect and that the pre-approval of the leadership of the Football Association was only. Vingada explained, during television statements, that the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz has strong resumes due to international participation with most of the world teams and leading the largest European clubs.

Vingada indicated that he worked with Queiroz for 10 years in leading the Portugal national team, and the beginning came with the U-20 youth team, wishing him success in the next stage with the Pharaohs.

Vingada revealed that the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz has great experience in the world of training and did not need the money, but because of the strong relationship between me and Queiroz, he agreed to coach the Egyptian national team.


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