Vitamin D must be taken at specific times and with certain foods to gain its benefits


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Vitamin D is one of the best and most important nutrients for humans, gaining its importance in its unique ability to boost the immune system, in addition to many health benefits, but this unique supplement must be taken in specific ways to get the most benefits.

Vitamin D offers many health benefits to the human body, such as strengthening bones, strengthening the immune system, improving brain health, and relieving symptoms.brain fogVitamin D deficiency is associated with depression and severe mood swings.
Many studies indicate that humans do not get enough of this supplement through food, such as meat, fish or sunlight, which may require the consumption of manufactured supplements.

Foods that support vitamin D absorption

ونوّه Mindbodygreen, a health websiteThere are important timing and methods for taking this supplement in order to obtain the highest possible benefit.

According to studies, “Vitamin DIt is a fat-soluble vitamin, so it is best to take it with some natural fat sources.

Why shouldn’t you take Vitamin D on an empty stomach?

According to integrated nutritionist, Whitney Crouch, vitamin D supplements are “best absorbed when taken with foods containing avocado, olive oil, flaxseed, or any other source of beneficial fats,” so taking the supplement on an empty stomach is an “idea”. bad”.

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“If your supplement already has enough fats included (such as fish oils), you don’t need to take it with food,” Crouch adds.

The source pointed out that “this is a rare feature among the “vitamin D” supplements offered today in the market, as some of them contain percentages of fat, so this information can be verified by reading the instructions that indicate the presence of a type of fat or oil to enhance absorption that is present with the supplement.

The experts noted that studies conducted on this supplement showed that “vitamin D that contains oil can be taken as a full meal on an empty stomach, with or without additional fat.”

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