Wafaa Amer’s sister’s photo for the first time 20 years after her departure.. Watch


The artist, Wafaa Amer, published a photo on her personal and official account, on the social networking site, the . websiteFacebookAnd through it, she announced the death of Mohamed Kamal, the husband of her late sister, Hala Amer, and published her first picture 20 years after her departure.

وكتبت Wafa Amer, In her comment on the photo, saying, “They were very good and very longing. The two countries of my sister and her husband who I recommend are buried with her after twenty years / He is the martyr of Corona and she is a martyr and she was pregnant with two children.

The artist, Aiten Amer, also presented an obituary in the death of her late sister’s husband, through a post on her official page on the social networking site, the Instagram site, in which she said, “In people, when you walk from the world, you take something from us.

And she added, even if we were not in constant contact with them, but you had good days and many memories with you, oh, oh, I felt that my father died again today, and God, may God have mercy on you and forgive you and prove you when asking, Lord.

The artist, Aiten Amer, concluded in the post and said, “Oh God, make his grave a kindergarten from Riyadh Paradise and replace it with a better home than his home and a good family from his family.


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